Protect your business with Optistream's
Next Gen Zero Trust segmentation platform

Business centric segmentation

Ensure global, efficient and consistent segmentation,
killing the ability to outsmart your controls and reach maliciously your crown jewels

Analysis with offensive lens

It automatically controls your security with automatic analyses that mimic attackers,  
to anticipate threat of malicious lateral movement and push Zero Trust principles to a new level

Business centric segmentation

Either used standalone or as complement to enrich CNAPP / NSPM solutions,
secure hybrid network across data centers and multiclouds, workload and enpoints.

Delivered value
Achieve Zero Trust segmentation
Prevent in-depth infiltration
Ensure flawless, continous compliance
Safeguard strategic assets (apps, data)
Contain natively ransomware  
Improve enterprise security posture
Secure cloud workload and endpoints
Power-up existing security measures

Stop in-depth intrusion

Bring Zero-Trust at the core of your network

We Contain lateral movement
in  cloud & on premise

Ensure global, efficient and consistent segmentation, killing the ability to outsmart your controls and reach maliciously your crown jewels


Secure all accesses to critical application and data, bringing easily Zero Trust principles across your hybrid ecosystems with business centric approach


Control and harden continuously your End-To-End attack exposure through automated security control assessment of your hybrid network

Our secret sauce?

3 key features

Automatic network map
more than a map, a Digital Twin
  • Automatic mapping of workload & network equipment
  • Virtual copy of your network behaviour
  • Interactive visualization of hybrid environment
Advanced algorithms
designed by offensive security experts
  • High risk routes
  • In-depth infiltration
  • Security policy compliance
Segmentation studio
the Photoshop for your hybrid network
  • Pragmatic & actionable insights
  • Simulate changes in a safe environment
  • Measure security level / business process

This is how it works

An integrated UX to tackle everything at once

Ingest in one click

AWS map digital twin
  • Import all your equipment with a ZIP of your configuration files
  • Synchronize all your devices with ad-hoc API to your appliances
  • Add your endpoints from a simple CMDB / list extract

Enrich as you want

Optistream node configuration
  • Build a business architecture tailored to your company
  • Map applications with your infrastructure: servers & computing assets
  • Add complementary data on nodes to capitalize information

Visualize & test

SCADA OT digital twin
  • Explore your map, search items, customize the layout
  • Test the point to point reachability across your network with specific protocol
  • Group servers / end points in similar groups (V)LAN, ease the readability of your entire network

Assess when you want

Optistream lateral movement detection
  • Trigger any analysis you want, at any time, to measure your security effectiveness
  • 3 state-of-the-art algorithms :
    - Segmentation porosity
    - In-depth infiltration
    - Security policy compliance

Simulate & improve

Optistream KPIs
  • Define change scenarios in a virtual environment to design & test improvement options
  • Measure and compare effectiveness of each scenario
  • Generate target configuration files to speed up your change and reduce risk of error

Technical insight

A modern solution with a flexible stack

Tailored for
hybrid infra

Most of on-premise technologies covered

NB: Azure & GCP
coming soon

A seamless
Digital Twin

Digests all technicalities for actionable insights

Real time & interactive network map

E2E configuration analysis


Both on premise & SaaS options

SaaS:  Hosted in Azure

SSO enabled


Ready to use connectors

Do you want to cut the prerequisite to any attack before it happens ?

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